Gap year before or after Uni?

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Gap year before or after Uni?


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i’m currently in year 12 in the UK, so have plenty of time to plan, i also have someone willing to have a gap year with me. however, i’m totally unsure whether to have one before uni, reasons i want to are: i’m itching to travel (although i’d be satisified for a few weeks interrailing before uni with no gap), i’m not 100% what course i’d like to do (i have relevant ideas but nothing i’m super passionate about) so i was hoping a year out/travelling would help me w/ that problem, and i guess it would look good on my CV. however, my reasons to wait til after uni are: it’s expensive (this isn’t such a problem as before i go away i’ll get some sort of full time job), i’m afraid i’ll be ‘too old’ as i’d be like one year older although i’m sure that’s just my paranoia haha, and would i lose the ‘motivation’ to study/lose the ability (thinking of a psychology degree currently), although i’m not the kind of person to give up on something so i can’t imagine that happening, also i’m just kind of afraid of ‘wasting’ a year. in regards to my gap year whether i take it before or after uni, i’d work for months before it and then roughly i’d do something like interrailing then some kind of teaching/volunteering work so it doesn’t look like all fun and no work on my CV. in reality, i’m not the kind of person to like push the boat out and do something like this as i’m completely afraid of picking the wrong choice, as mentioned above! however, if i took a gap year after uni, does this look ‘lazy’ on the employers side/i may also not have the opportunity then as i might have a work opportunity etc.. i completely cannot make a decision, and i appreciate others can’t make it for me aswell but i’m completely on the fence about it, i’m thinking in reality if i go straight to uni for a psychology degree, if i’m more sure about it come university time, i can always have that ‘travel’ experience in the summer.

aplogies for how wordy this is, i’m basically just asking your opinion on the matter - thanks!

ps: i’m not normally one to not capitalise correctly, so ignore the major grammar mistakes grin

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Hey, have you heard of a Gap Year through Outward Bound Costa Rica? They run two Gap Year programs called Coast to Coast Expedition and Outdoor Leader Semester. I know a few people that did a gap year before uni with them and came out of it having a stronger sense of who they were and what they wanted to do with their lives. You earn a ton of outdoor certifications while traveling to Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica and meeting indigenous communities. It’s pretty cool. Hope this helps. Maybe check it out: