Need a travel buddy for 2018

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Need a travel buddy for 2018

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Hey, I’m 23 years old and looking for people to travel with as I don’t have any and all my friends at home have to many commitments. I’m wanting to quit my job around March 2018 but I am flexible too dates!

I’d love to find people to go traveling with as I’d be to scared to do it alone! I’d really like to do auz, south east asia and ski lanka but I’m up for anything really!

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I’m Adam 22, (23 in August) I’m currently doing s.e. Asia, auz, New Zealand, Fiji and USA starting Feb 19th 2018. If your interested in joining me in S.e. Asia or auz drop me a message.



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Hi hayley. I’m nick. I’m looking to head out to Oz for about 6months or so starting at the beginning of March.  I too am travelling alone.  Would be nice too meet up or travel together. All the best Nick.

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Hey Hayley

Im 23 year old too and looking to get away next year for 6 months to a year but would like to do it with someone. Im happy to go anytime from January but next summer would be preferable.

Drop me a message if you are interested.


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I am planning to quit my job on January 2018 and travel Central and South America during one year. I am also thinking of going to Asia (Japan,China,Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia), Russia through the Transiberian Rail and some other cities of Europe.

You may contact me if interested (I am also flexible with the routes).

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Hello holly we can travel together if you want.You can send a message.thank you