Different TEFL courses

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Different TEFL courses


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Just seen TEFL courses on Wowcher & Groupon which cost between £20-£50 when you go on the TEFL official websites they cost £150-£300. What’s the difference? Has anyone had any experience with the courses brought on Wowcher or Groupon?

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I’ve bought a groupon TEFL course. My ex and myself used it to work in Hanoi for about 11 months. It is enough to get you a job out there, usually about 25usd per hour. I don’t think there is any difference between the full price and the discounted price.

However, if you are not confident I would recommend that you go for a physical /residential course as these give you a much better grounding by all accounts. In Vietnam, the type of tefl qualification you have means very little to employers - it is mostly experience based and what your degree subject is if you have one.