Australia Nov ’17 SOLO

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Australia Nov ‘17 SOLO

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I’m 23 years old, originally from Carlisle but currently living in Manchester and looking to book my flights from Manchester to Australia (Melbourne or Sydney) for the start of November.

I’ve done plenty of travelling but never alone and not really knowing what to expect! I’m going to book my first weeks worth of hostels and then wing it from then on, back packing and working at the same time. Its something I’ve always fancied but only just having the balls to throw myself in at the deep end due to the severe boredom of being a grown up.

Wondering if anybody is planning a similar sort of trip for around the same time and would have any advice for me, or better yet fancy having a chat about things to calm the nerves! If anybody has any ideas please feel free to get in touch through here, or add me on facebook: Jack Grears

Thanks in advance smile







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Hi there dude. My names Scott I’m flying out 30th of September to start my trip I will be riding solo to. If you ever wanted to chat about it I’m free dude.

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Hi Jack.

I fly into Brisbane on October to start my working holiday. I’ve done one previously in New Zealand.
I was in Melbourne and Sydney in March for a month which was a lot of fun.

It’s really easy to meet people once you arrive, especially if you’re staying in a hostel. If you’re flying into Sydney check out Base Hostel, it’s a great place to stay and you’ll meet loads of people there doing the same thing as you smile they’re great at helping you find a job and book fun things to do also.

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Hi Jack, I’m heading out on my own beginning of December, flying to Sydney. Would be happy to chat more x