SE Asia, May-August 2018

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SE Asia, May-August 2018

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Hi, looking at doing some travelling before I go to university and SE Asia looks to be the place that appeals the most. Flexible with times but needs to be around spring and summer time due to work commitments around Christmas. Looking at going to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and maybe Vietnam. Again very flexible with where we go. Looking for a few people to either meet their or to travel with from the UK, of a similar age to me, so 18-23. Please get in contact with me if you are also thinking of going to this part of the world at around the times mentioned!

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i am looking to do the same as this!! would really rather a good group of people than be on my own! and looking start of march does this fit with you? also how is the search going so far! see you have a few replies!
would be great to chat to someone as all the planning seems very daunting haha!
contact me on social media if thats better!!
my twitter is @marfsdale

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Hello! I’m Annie. I turn 18 next year and will be keen on taking a GAP year. I have zero plans year and would like to begin planning once I get a travel friend. I would love to visit more of SE Asia : Thailand, Singapore, Philippines etc. I also have Australia and New Zealand in mind. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - so if you happen to stop here during your travels I could show you around for a bit and we can go off to a new country!

I also would like to work whilst travelling to earn some extra funds for my travelling needs. I am clueless on how to do any of this so would be nice if someone could advise me on how to do it! Volunteer work will also be something I’m keen on doing while travelling.

I’m always down for a good party, but I would like to explore the country as much as I can do about anything crazy I can afford. This will be a budget backpack trip, just so I can fully utilise my funds for all the countries I intend on visiting.

Please let me know if you’re keen so we can start planning this adventure together!
Contact me by message or instagram (itspineapplee)
Best Wishes,
Annie x

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Hi mate, I was looking for a trip around the same time and locations as yourself, never really been traveling before but dying to start. If your still interested I would definitely be up for it, fire me a message if you would like to get something planned

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Hey, I’m Dani, 18, from the UK, and I’m looking at travelling through Asia during summer for about 3 months before I go to uni in October.

I’m looking at doing one month in India, one month in China and six weeks in South East Asia from June to September.

I’m pretty flexible with when I’m doing what but at the moment I’m travelling solo and would really prefer to be travelling with a group at least for some parts.

Please feel free to message me if this suits you (or anyone else?!)