Guy looking for a gap year fellow traveller (2017-2018)

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Guy looking for a gap year fellow traveller (2017-2018)

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Hi guys, I’m a 17-year-old boy (almost 18) from the Netherlands. I wanna take a gap year, although I don’t exactly know where to go and what to do. I just want to travel and have a great time with someone. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m very flexible so we can, of course, discuss our plans.
Besides, I’d like to combine a few ideas, as a variety of countries or activities makes it more fun and you get to see more of the world of course!

Some ideas that I’d like (as stated above, those are just ideas, I’m flexible and just want to travel):
- Learning a foreign language in Asia (for example Chinese, Japanese or Korean)
- Working/volunteering abroad and experience living like a local in a city (for example working in a hostel, the UK or the US offer a wide range of hostel volunteering jobs where you get free accommodation). Living in an US or UK city (San Francisco, New York, London) city seems to be very nice to me.
- Road tripping (in the US or Australia)

Let me tell something about myself: as I already said, I’m a Dutch guy and I’ll be turning 18 this Summer. My hobbies include photography and travelling. I’d like to take a gap year but travelling is so much nicer with somebody else with the same interests. I couldn’t convince my friends to go with me, unfortunately.

I’m looking for someone to travel with, I don’t care about gender or nationality. I’d like to meet someone to have a great time with smile

I know I’m a bit late though, I’m looking for someone for the upcoming ‘school’ year (2017-2018). I’m also fine with half a year, so travelling from December-January for example.


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Hey, I’ve just turned 18 from England and I’m also looking for someone to travel with not sure where yet but im open to ideas if you wanna talk more add my snapchat jayjayjay42


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Hey, I’m an 18 yr old girl from the UK and have decided to take a gap year before going to university.  I’m looking to travel in the summer of 2018 and you’re ideas sound awesome, especially travelling through the US. I haven’t decided yet whereabouts I might travel but I’m very open to ideas and would love to travel with other people! I love sport and adventures, and I’m very keen to meet new people. If you’re still looking for a travel buddy feel free to message me on snapchat or facebook x smile sc: ailish_straver
fb: Ailish Straver