travelling buddy needed end 2018

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travelling buddy needed end 2018

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I’m 19 and looking at starting to travel at around October 2018. Don’t really have any set times or places I want to go as I’m very open minded.
Thailand, South Africa, Bali, Australia all look amazing but I’m open to suggestions as I would love to travel anywhere!
I’m ideally looking for a female companion around the same age as me, to experience it all with as my friends all have other commitments. We could meet up and plan where we would travel to and what sort of things we would like to do! As I’m new to all of this travelling I don’t really want to start of on my own so that’s why I’m looking for someone to accompany me!
I don’t have a time limit on how long I want to travel for! just when my money runs out really! I love partying, drinking and I’m a proper adrenaline junkie so I’d love someone who’s up for anything with me but I also love sight seeing etc. grin

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I’m 20 and I’m looking to travel around the same time once I’ve graduated from university next year.

I have no plans yet and want someone to plan this with as I’m new to this. But I’d love to go to Australia and possibly work for a little while but I am open to going anywhere as I just want to explore the world!

Let me know if you’re interested!


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I’m 19 and have been thinking about travelling for a while, but have decided to get a job and save more money for it and possibly work in some places.

I’ve thought about travelling to as many places as possible for as long as possible and can share the ideas i have so far if your interested.