Travelling to Australia January 2018

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Travelling to Australia January 2018

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Hey guys, my names Vaitiare and i’m 21. I’m planning on heading to Australia January 2018. I’ve never properly travelled on my own before so i’d appreciate any information or helpful tips you could offer. It’d also be wicked to get to know some people that are doing the same thing as it can be quite scary doing it alone!! Thank you X

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Hi!! I’m also heading out around this time on my own! where are you planning to fly to?

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Hi, I’m 29 and am also planning on travelling to Australia in January 2018. I’ll be on my own as well so was looking at packages in Sydney for the first week such as UltimateOz. I’ve got my Working Holiday Visa but haven’t booked anything else yet. How long are you planning on staying in Australia? I’m hoping to work and travel for at least a year with the intention of applying for a second year visa.



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Hi all.
I’m Nick, 27 from UK.  Looking to head out to Oz end of Feb 2018. Got my whv sorted so just need to find some travel mates. If your interested in meeting up get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you. All the best Nick.

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Hey! I am heading out to Aus in January too! Traveling alone so deff know how you feel. Where you flying into?

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Hi All!

I’m also a solo traveller heading out to Sydney at the end of December 2017 and then looking to travel the east coast! Would be great if I could meet similar people when im out there alone!

Getting nervous as the days get closer! x


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Hi Guys,

I couldn’t help noticing you’re all flying out to Aus in the coming months and have a few questions.

I’m a founder of Welcome to Travel: Melbourne, an arrival package like no other.

As a backpacker arriving in Australia a few years ago, I had the same questions that you and many others have now. I worked in adventure/backpacker travel for a long time and along with my best friend decided to set this up for people like you!

Please do take a look here, it’s got all the things you need plus so much fun stuff.

If you have any question at all then send us a message through the enquiry form.

Also feel free to add me (Adam Ogle) and Welcome to Travel: Melbourne on Facebook and we can help you out. Even if you don’t want to do this week but still have questions, I’m always happy to help.

Thanks guyscool smile

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Hey, I’m also traveling solo to Australia around the same time! I’ll be nearby Sydney from the 16th of January untill the 5th of March.
If you or anyone else wants to meet up just let me know! I’m pretty much up for anything.

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Hey – I’ve booked my flights to go travelling on the 22nd of Feb 2018.

I’m 19 and from London and I’m going alone too.

If anyone else is going around the same time or wants to talk - my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thanks x