Europe Interrail trip between September and October

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Europe Interrail trip between September and October

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Hey so I’m an 18 year old girl looking for a travel buddy around the same age of me that fancies travelling around Europe. Planning on going between September and October and would love to get a group of people to go with to take the trip a bit more fun. Leaving it a little late I know but I’ve always wanted to travel and finally have the opportunity to do it. Hoping to go to Portugal Spain France and Italy.

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I’m 18 from Florida, USA.  I am heading to Germany for the month of September to travel with a friend from Dusseldorf.  We plan to go to the Netherlands, Brussels, and France.  He goes off to school in October, so I’m trying to make plans to travel the interrail with someone to Italy and Spain for Oct thru Dec 10th.

Please reply if you are interested in getting acquainted.