20yo looking for 3 people to travel next July

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20yo looking for 3 people to travel next July


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Hi everyone, my name is Josh and I’m a 20 year old Canadian. I want to travel starting in Europe and going west until the money runs out. I’m looking for 3 people to join me. One other guy and two girls preferably, that way, preferences can be aligned easier (say in Tokyo, the ladies want to shop and the guys want to do… whatever else there is to do in tokyo lol)

I would like to start next July but could potentially go a couple months earlier or later.

I have created a total month by month spreadsheet for costs in each country so even if you are looking at this and don’t want to travel with me, I would be glad to provide you with that file if you want.

Anyone interested please reply here and I’ll DM you with my phone number and/or a Google Hangouts link

Thanks all!  smile


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hey man, your plans sound good to me.I’m 21 from Scotland. if you can get two other girls that sounds good to me dude


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21 year old guy from the states. Interested in seeing that file.