Am i to old?

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Am i to old? 


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Hi, i have always wanted to travel to new zealand my question is am i to old to do so i’m 22 by the time i have enough money to travel there i will be 25 so my question is will 25 be to old to travel around new zealand on a working holiday visa doing some odd jobs to top up my money along the way i’m really scared i will be the oldest one there if i were to stay in a hostel etc…  ?

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25 is definitely not too old! There will lots of younger people there, but you’ll find plenty of older people travelling - nobody is likely to care about your age.

If you want to do it, do it!

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Definitely not too old, i’m now 36 and quite my job at 33 to go travelling around the world for a year, there is a mixture of all ages and age is really not a problem anywhere.

Generally it is a younger crowd in Oz and NZ but was never a problem, and considering you’ll be 25… that’s not old at all.