Dec17/Jan 2018 Travel buddy!

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Dec17/Jan 2018 Travel buddy!

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Hi guys,

I’m 23 and looking to go travelling at the beginning of 2018 and would be great to have a travel buddy to share this experience with!

I’m looking to go South America, South East Asia and Australia, where I’d travel for a few months and then settle and work for my remaining Visa in Aus. I’d also like to go New Zealand and Fiji at some point.

Would be great to find someone to start this journey with, I know you meet hundreds of people through the way but would be great to start and plan the first few months with someone. I’m rather flexible on where we go and start, if anyone has any plans, please message me.

Happy with either gender and any age, just someone who is easy going and keen to travel!

I’m also quite happy to travel SEA in November and December, come back for christmas and then head off again… otherwise start Dec26/27+


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hey are you.I have the same travel plan as you. I am happy to travel with you.ıf you want.I wait your message.thank you

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Hi Georgia,

I’m also 23 and living in Salisbury in the UK. I am currently planning a trip to central and south America starting in January 2018.  I went to Peru in June this year and absolutely loved it, so would really like to go back to that part of the world! I was thinking of starting in Cuba and then heading over to Mexico and travelling south, but I’m pretty flexible. I also speak a bit of Spanish, so that comes in quite handy!Feel free to message me if you’re interested or want to chat! smile


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im (a very mature) 18 and m taking a gap year from my studies. i live near Birmingham in the UK.
i am in the same position as you. i’v been scared by family thats its abit too dangerous to go on your own, but im very eager to travel, there is too much of the world to see!
i have no plans but asia, aus all sound great to me!
i would be looking to go in the middle of February due to work commitments but i could always meet you somewhere. it seems daunting to make these plans on my own and im loosing hope of finding somebody.
i love making friends and would also be excited to meet people and travel with other nomads along the way.
i love parting but also relaxing and seeing some beautiful sights.
i find this website hard to chat on but if you prefer it please message me!!
i find if easier to message on socail media as i am on it more often!
my Instagram is marthahdale.

i also have family and friends in Spain we could visit on the way back when money is running low, as accommodation would be free!
would also love to go to Croatia on the way back looks beautiful!
who knowssmile! very flexible