SEA Jan 2018 6 months or more

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SEA Jan 2018 6 months or more

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Hello everyone!
I am 23 and currently am living outside of San Francisco, California. I am planning a long term (6-12 months) backpacking trip beginning in January 2018 throughout Southeast Asia starting in Bangkok. I have never backpacked before, however I have done a lot of travelling throughout Europe and northern Africa while I was studying abroad in Spain last year.
I am currently in the process of receiving my TEFL certificate and hope to land a job somewhere in Asia teaching English after this trip. I am looking for travel companions who have similar plans/interests! Any gender or age smile the more the merrier.

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Hi there, I’m 22 currently living in Leeds (United Kingdom) and also planning to go to Thailand in January 2018 - then accross SE Asia for four months (returning some time in May). This will be my first time backpacking alone as well so it would be good to meet up with someone out there. I was thinking of going to Vietnam, Cambodia etc. as well but quite flexible.

Feel free to message me on here if interested smile

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Hey! I have similar plans smile My plan is to travel around Southeast Asia for 3 + months. I want to see Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. And maybe more! I’d like to start either in December or early January.  Let me know if you might want to travel together smile


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I would like to travel as soon as I have a passport to help solve some problems I have at the moment

I would like to travel for as long as I can and I’m not bothered about the places

There are some plans I have at the moment, but don’t want to do too much, as I’ve never left the UK before and cant go on my own at the moment.