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Asia Adventure

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I had panned a trip to Asia with my boyfriend but we’ve now separated and had to cancel our flights etc. However I still really want to go so I’m now looking for a travel companion or group of people to come with me! The trip would hopefully start in October and I’d like to stay out there travelling Asia for several months. India is my dream destination but also happy to travel around!

I’m a 19 year old girl, living in Cornwall, England. I’m interested in exploring off the beaten track, learning about new cultures and trying new things! I am on a bit of a budget but have enough to splash out on some amazing experiences. I enjoy trekking, photography, music and architecture, although I’m excited for nightlife and new adventures too. I’m really interested in giving back to the countries I visit by volunteering for charities or through Workaway (which I’ve signed up for).

I’d ideally like to meet some people also from England so that we could meet or at least catch flights together but I’m open to hearing from people anywhere around the world who would like to join me!