Southeast Asia in Dec/Jan for 3+ months

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Southeast Asia in Dec/Jan for 3+ months

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Hi everyone! I am from Canada, and am looking to do some travelling this winter. I want to escape the cold and go somewhere warm. I am planning to explore Southeast Asia - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Ideally I’d like to go for around 3 months, but can be flexible with this! I want to start my travels either in December, or early January.

I am looking to travel with females or mixed group (male and female). If you have similar plans and are either a female or mixed group, I’d love to hear from you!


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I would like to spend Christmas in a different country and feel like I need to leave the UK, as soon as I have a passport, but don’t want to go on my own

I would like to go for as long as possible if I am able to find people to travel with

If you want to know more about the plans I have at the moment, let me know