Will We have enough money for travelling

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Will We have enough money for travelling


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My boyfriend and I will be leaving to go travelling in November for 7 months and I was wondering what people thought about the amount of money we are roughly going to have and whether it will be enough! We are staying in NZ with my family for the first two months so it’s likely that we won’t be spending much in that time. However, we will be travelling New Zealand for a month adter this and then 4 months in SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam)

We think we will roughly have between 12,000 -  13,000 for the last 5 months between us. We have already booked our flights,insurance etc so this would just be for spending.

Just more worried as I know NZ is much more expensive for travellers for accommodation, activities etc and have heard that people have spent thousands on a months trip around NZ. However, we are fairly sensible with money so i’m sure we would be able to budget we;ll

Would really appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this!! We have discussed it and think it should be fine but a second opinion never hurts. Thanks smile