What time to put on the travel diary

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What time to put on the travel diary


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Hi all, travelling from Salzburg to florence on the over night train tomorrow, dreading it to be honest haha. My train leaves at 10pm and arrives at 6am. So I know on the travel pass I would put the date of arrival, however on the travel diary what do I put as the date and time, because if I put the departure datell and time then this will not match the date present on the travel pass.

To complicate matters I am travelling to Salzburg from Budapest tomorrow first therefore using a travel day there.

To sum up

Budapest (day 1) > salzburg (day 1)
Salzburg (day 1) > florence (day 2)

Travel pass
Day 1….. Day 2

Travel diary
Day 1: 15:00 Budapest > Salzburg
??????????? Salzburg > Florence

Thanks in advance guys