Aus, SE Asia and Africa - Autumn 2018

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Aus, SE Asia and Africa - Autumn 2018

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Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m looking for people to join me in a gap year after I graduate from uni. At the moment I’m looking at working in Australia before travelling up the east coast of Australia then Bali, Singapore and Malaysia and finally doing several overland tours in Africa.

Looking for a mix of guys and girls around the same age (20) to come with me for the whole or part of the trip!
I split my time between Manchester and Kent in the UK so if you live locally it would be great to meet up in person to discuss plans.
Feel free to message me or ask any questions! grin


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I have been thinking about travelling from about July next year, however I have just lost my job so might go earlier if I’m not able to find another one to help save more.

At the moment I have some ideas of what I would like to do, but haven’t left the UK before, so I’m unsure about going on my own at the moment.

If you would like to know what ideas I have at the moment let me know am: the best way would probably be either .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Instagram 98Charlotte