Planning a Trip - July 2018

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Planning a Trip - July 2018


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Hi guys,

I am thinking about heading off travelling from my job next year around July 2018.  I live in Norfolk, UK at the moment.

I would like to cover some of Italy before heading over to Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and then would probably go over to the French Polynesia and Aus.  I haven’t planned anything at the moment and am just toying with the idea but am completely open to ideas about where to go if anyone has a place in mind where they would like to go. 

I would like to be away for at least 6 months but at the moment do not have anyone to go with.  If anyone would be interested in joining then please do let me know.  I am 20 and would be looking for people around a similar age smile



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Hey, i just turned 21 and want someone to travel with thats of a similar age, did you wanna chat ideas?


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I have been looking for people to travel with for a while and have been thinking about going to as many places as possible for as long as possible

I won’t have much money to spend unless i can find a new job before going but have had problems with that

I do have a few ideas about what i would like to do if i am able to, so if you want to know anymore let me know


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Am looking at doing Indonesia (Bali) and possibly Malaysia for 5 weeks around July time, let me know if you want to chat a bit and know a little more.