Looking for a travel buddy! 2017/2018

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Looking for a travel buddy! 2017/2018

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Hello! I am an 18 year old boy who lives in England (Cotswolds) looking for a travel partner. I have recently finished school and worked for two months to get enough money to start my travels, but all my friends have too many commitments to join me. I am looking for somebody passionate about travel (boy or girl) and near my age.

The plan:
I am not 100% sure on where to travel, but I am open to suggestions! I have planned trips throughout Europe hostel hopping, using a Eurail ticket. I am also really keen on visiting the USA, the far East (china, japan, Thailand etc). I’ve heard that traveling to all the Greek Islands is also a breath-taking experience (not to mention cost effective haha)!

About me:
-I love travel! I am already quite well travelled; I have spent half my life in South Africa and the other half in England. I have visited many European countries such as: Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. I have also visited Tasmania which was a blast!
-I love to sing and listen to all types of music (R&B is my favourite).
-I play the guitar.
-Favourite band: “Hudson Taylor” (“The xx” is my second favourite)
-I am a passionate cooker (love all types of soup).
-I am obsessed with photography.
-I am a snowboarding demon!
-I can speak great German and am fluent in English.
-I’m a confident guy who really enjoys meeting people.

The Goal:
*Cringe alert* I hope to have an amazing trip of self-discovery. I want to explore more of what makes me who I am and all my likes/dislikes. I feel I cannot move forward in life without learning to be more independent, but also if I can’t be true to who I am.

If you feel the same and can’t wait to begin an awesome journey please don’t hesitate to contact me on:
-Here haha
-Through my Facebook/Messenger (Alexander Theurer)
-My Instagram: a_d.t
-Snapchat: xxalextxx



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HI Alex, any chance you’ll be in Milan from October 8th? I’m there until the 27th and also looking to visit a couple more countries in Europe after