Traveling alone at 17? And how much money should I take?

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Traveling alone at 17? And how much money should I take?


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this is my first post so I’m not sure how to do this. Anyway, I am looking to go to SE Asia, Australia, NZ and potentially the USA next year. I’d like to start my trip in July 2018 but I won’t be 18 until September of next year.

Will I encounter any problems whilst in SE Asia?

I plan to go to Thailand and Cambodia and potentially Vietnam as well. I intend to stay in SE Asia for 2 months before travelling on to Australia and NZ.

I’m mostly worried about trying to find hostels that will allow minors to stay. Also as a solo traveller, will 7000 USD last me 5 months in all of these places?

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Hey, i’m 18 from Hawaii i’ve been traveling alone for 3 months now. You will encounter problems for being 17, I think most hostels won’t accept you to stay there. Maybe postpone your trip until you turn 18, things will be A LOT less complicated so it would be wise if you did. As for 7000, depending on how smart you are it could last. However Australia and New Zealand are crazy expensive and that will most likely drain you’re money completely.