SE Asia and Australia early 2018

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SE Asia and Australia early 2018

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Hey, I’m Morgan 18 y/o from England. Looking for some travel buddies to go to Southeast Asia with in late Jan/early Feb for a couple of months before going to Australia to travel and work too

I’m pretty open to what countries we go to, just don’t want to go alone!!

Let me know if you have similar plans, or want to meet up or something! Just drop me a message smile


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I have been thinking about doing something similar, and don’t want to go on my own but have been struggling to find people to join.

I would like to work while travelling to help cover the costs of everything and have been thinking about going to as many places for as long as possible depending on how much money I have.

If you want to know more about what I have at the moment, let me know.



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I would like to travel to Asia in late February/early March for 3 month.
Are you flexible with the travel dates?
Feel free to message me smile


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Hi, I also want to go traveling around Asia in early 2018 and thinking of working as well to cover the costs. If you’re interested feel free to message me, thanks

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HI All on post,

I am also looking at doing Thailand, Bali, etc traveling only and then either go on from there to OZ to travel and work or come home and go onto OZ later in the year. Please message me if like to discuss any plan further grin great to know a few people whilst traveling to possibly meeting up on the way or just to help share ideas and plans you have

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Hey all!
I’m interested in going to SE Asia this coming Spring, especially to the Philippines, and would love some company! Hit me up if you’re interested!