travel buddy early 2018

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travel buddy early 2018

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I’m really looking for someone to get there heads together with me a plan a trip around SE Asia and aus. i have not got any set plans so am flexible. have started looking at visas and to get the most out your money you need to have a slight plan leaving courtiers within 30 no visa (if you are based in UK)

if not im just looking for a friend that will book onto a planned trip with me with a gap year company, although i know this can be more expensive but im just scared to walk out the airport in Bangkok and be like ahhh what do i do now!

feel free to message me if interested in either smile


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I have been looking at something similar it have been struggling to find others to join
I don’t want to go on my own, as i haven’t left the UK before and don’t really know what to expect at the moment

I have done some research and have a few ideas, but don’t know if i will have chance to do them


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Hi there

I’m looking to travel next year .But I had a country in mind
Australia. But really don’t want to travel on my own. It’s a bit
Scary , what will I do when I have landed in the airport.

I have other countries in mind to like Asia.
I have been looking at visas online as well .

If you want to chat


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I am 31 years old from Dubai.

I am looking for ppl to make plans together and longterm friendship as well.

Unfortunately, I cant leave my work for a whole year (Corporate slavery) downer

So I can share with you multiple countries in SE Asia or anywhere else as long as I never been there.

I am not into nightlife much so hope this is okay!

If interested let me know and we can create a whatsapp group where we can start something big!