Asia Mar-Jun ’18 Travel mate wanted!

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Asia Mar-Jun ‘18 Travel mate wanted!


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Hey guys!
I’m 21 years old, female and looking for someone who would like to travel with me through South Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) I was thinking about a low- budget backpacking tour (hostels etc) from ealy March till late June 2018.
I want to get to know the countries and the people and to see as much as possible. I speak english, spanish and german.
Just write me if you are interested. Looking forward to your message smile

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Hey! i’m 21 and I’m open to ideas, wanna chat?

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I am also looking at doing south easy asia Thailand, Bali,Vietnam etc, open to going anywhere really just need help with ideas and plans once there.

After having fun traveling and learning the different cultures I want to go onto OZ to travel and work or come home and go onto OZ later in the year. Please message me if like to discuss any plan further grin great to know a few people whilst traveling to possibly meeting up on the way or just to help share ideas and plans you have