Reasons why hiking can improve your life!

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Reasons why hiking can improve your life!


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Hiking is the best way to relieve stress, expand your mind and also get in shape. They are multiple reasons why you should start hiking. In this post I will give you my take on the most important factors why hiking will improve many aspects of your life. I experienced it myself, once I started hiking I became much happier. I didn´t know what exact thing it was, but I felt this inner drive to leave my comfort zone and just explore the world.

1. Hiking relieves stress

No matter if you just take a quick hike locally or if you go out to hike for multiple days, hiking will completely remove stress from your “every-day” life. Hiking gives you the best opportunity to completely turn off your brain. Just go to your next forest and walk for 30 minutes. Be conscious while you are walking and listen to all the noises, take deep breathes and become grounded. It´s almost like mediation. You will leave your unconscious mind and start to become more aware of your life. This way you can calm down and just get away from the constant stress that occurs in your normal life.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

I am a strong believer that hiking makes you a much more confident person. Now at first you probably think I am weird but let me tell you, hiking is the best way in order to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. You will face so many new adventures. You will face uncertainty. You will face situations that you can not expect. You have to make fast decisions, be accountable and take credit if you choose the wrong track. I love to just go to the next forest, turn off my phone and then just hike in a random direction. I am looking for a spot I´ve never seen in my life before. Once I felt like I traveled enough, I go back, following my intuition. I don´t turn on my phone, I just go wherever I feel like is the right direction.

3. Get in shape by hiking 2x per week

If you hike at least 2x per week you can actually get in shape. You will burn a lot of calories, especially if you carry a heavy bag. You will strengthen your leg muscles and your overall conditioning. You may not notice the results at first but trust me, if you keep on hiking regularly, you will find yourself in a much better shape very soon!

If you want to get more tips about hiking then I recommend you to check out this “hiking website” If you need some tips, inspirations or motivation to pursue your next hiking trip then this website will satisfy all of your needs.

I really want to close this post by motivating you to start hiking. Especially if you never hiked before I can only recommend it to you. No matter if you hike alone or with your friends, you will have such a great time trust me. You will get to know yourself better and you will improve mental and physiological aspects of your current life!


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