Gap Year late 2018 into 2019

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Gap Year late 2018 into 2019


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Hi, 17 nearly 18 year old female from the UK. Really interested in travelling around the world in late 2018 into 2019 before I go to university. Need people/ a group to go with as most of my friends are going straight to university - snapchat me if interested - phoebee55

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I am thinking of going to Sydney for 12 months working and travelling in OCT 2018

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Email if you are interested in doing the same thing

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I’m also in my last year of college (just about to turn 18) and hoping to go on a gap year before uni.
My plan is to do a TEFL (teacher English as a foreign language) course at the beginning of the summer so that I can go to Spain in the second half of August and teach English there until November.
Then I want to go to Canada in November and work in a ski resort throughout the season until April.

I’m thinking of maybe heading to the US after that for a few months and/or going on one of the Operation Groundswell Bolivia trips from July to August, depending on how much I’ll have saved from working.

This all obviously depends on my getting the A-Level results I need and the uni I’m going to allowing me to defer but if this falls into place I would love to have someone to travel with since my friends are planning to go straight to uni.

Would you be interested? grin