Summer/Fall 2019

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Summer/Fall 2019

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Hey hey guys I’m looking for anyone thats interested in traveling in 2019, I know this is early to start planning but I want to make sure there are people out there like me who would go out into the world and have fun for a couple of months. I want to take half a year maybe a whole year who knows before going to university and find what I truly what to do with the rest of my life. Im starting to save up now for the trip but Im inclining on a low cost, no hotels, no high end restaurants ,museums, or any big multiple baggage anything like that! I want more of living the way people live in that specific country live! Backpacking, One way tickets, Hitchhiking
Having fun and living life!
Im interested in
Africa,Thailand, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, anything really.
I live in the USA
LET me know if your interested in similar things and we can start talking!
Snapchat: Ana.ion