Travel buddy 2018

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Travel buddy 2018

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Hey I’m 18 and from London looking for someone/people to travel with early 2018!! Open to anywhere been looking at mainly South East Asia, South America… places like that☺️

This is all really new and a bit scary but really want to travel but to scared to do it alone so would love to share my experience with someone
If you’re interested please message me!

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Hey! I just joined today and noticed your post. I’m also 18, from Perth in WA. I’m hoping to travel around May 2018 (but could go a little earlier too). I haven’t booked anything but am looking at similar places to you!! Let me know if your interested smile x

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I am 31 years old from Dubai.

I am done with my corporate life and took multiple vacations in 2018. I do not have friends who share the same passion of traveling.

I am searching for travel buddies and longterm friendship where we can explore together the world.

If you are interested we can make a whatsapp group and plan trips together.

Let me know if you are interested and we certainly can build something great here.

Have a great day!