From hong kong to laos without airplane

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From hong kong to laos without airplane


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I want to travel from hong kong to luang prabang without an airplane but I have no idea how. Does anyone have any tips.
Ps: if anyone knows how i should travel from laos to Indonesia?

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If you dont want to travel by airplane, then obviously the only option left would be by car. If you have a driving license, then you can just rent a car( split costs with the people you are travelling with)  and just hit the road. I think that would be a great way to travel because you can stop and see many places as you go, and actually get to experience more than if you just fly over with a plane. cool smirk

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I’m not sure about renting a car in SE Asia is a good idea. The roads are crap and the driving is pretty crazy. Even in Europe, travelling from one country to another with a hire car can be a difficult and costly process, especially if you don’t plan to take it back to the original county.

Trains, buses, songthaews and boats on the Mekong is the way to go. You need to plan a basic route. Do you want to go directly from China into Laos or you could go via Vietnam? And if you’re planning to pay for a Chinese visa, you might as well try and see some of this massive country. The sights and people of Yunnan province are amazing.