Thailand & Vietnam

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Thailand & Vietnam

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Hi i am planning on coming to Thailand & Vietnam. I’m looking to fly out around the 14 feb (not booked my ticket yet)for a month i was going to try spend 2 weeks in Thailand then a week in Vietnam then maybe a week somewhere else or just stay in Vietnam if its nice. i am looking for people who want to take in a bit of culture some nice food drink so kayaking, cycling maybe some snorkeling, some nice boat rides around ha long bay. I’m looking for some one who is up for having a quiet drink most nights i don’t mind the odd hectic one like a full moon party but not looking for someone who is just going to get wrecked. i also have my full motorbike licence and have ridden for years i would like to do maybe a week on the bike travvelling around visiting small villages and finiding lush waterfalls and beautiful sights where you can just pull up get your stuff out and have a lush evening bbq in the sun Many thanks for reading this and i hope we get to meet up Thanks Steve

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It’s seems that you have a good plan for your journey.
Pho Cuon (Spring roll but dont mistake with Pho - a noodle soup), Bun Moc (a rice vermicelli soup with meat balls and crunchy Doc mung - a type of Indian Taro) Bun Cha (BBQ with delicious sauce and herbs), Vermicelli with sour crap soup.
For more information about Halong Bay, i suggest you to read this website: