Travel partners?

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Travel partners? 

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Hi, I’m 19 and finishing my last year in college, I am having a gap year before I go to uni but all my friends are going straight to uni so don’t know anyone else who wants to travel, I would go alone but would be better with someone else or a group of people? I would be leaving around may/June time after my exams but not confirmed yet. I have just started to plan.

I’d love to go to areas like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Would be up to go anywhere tho I just know I want to travel so any ideas would be welcome. I am friendly and bubbly and would love to just see the world and go on adventures.

Let me know if you would like to come or just chat about ideas!

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I am 24M from india and planning to go goa but suddenly my friend disagree and I don’t want to cancel my plan neither want to go alone please reply me who is want to accompany me and make a trip memorable.


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Hi Sally,

My name is Josh and i have similar destination interests.

Right now I have a group on google hangouts with 5 people (including myself), but two of them can only travel for a month or so, so they are just tagging along for that time. So we need a fourth member.

Our current plan is to set out around July/August and start in Europe, taking trains and/or cars and busses all around for a month or two, then taking a train through russia to Asia. After going all around Asia, we would possibly then go to South America to places like chile and ecuador. I would like to spend 8+ months total traveling the world.
If you aren’t interested in europe or south america, you could join us for the Asia leg of the journey, but being there for the whole trip would be terrific!

If you’re interested please pm me your gmail and i can add you to the group.
Thanks smile