april-august 2018

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april-august 2018

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Hey guys!
So basically I decided I wanted to spend some time travelling but unortunately most of my friends already started university, or are just not up to it, so I was hoping I could find some people to travel with. I was thinking about the spring and summer of 2018, but since I wont start uni for one more year, I am open to sugestions for next year as well. What I was thinking about for a start is Eastern Europe, but of course I am willing to go to other places as well. I will be travelling with a very tight bugget so no expensive hotels, big cities and airplanes. I was thinking something like hiking ( im in a good shape but not very experienced, so nothing too difficult), hitchhiking and camping by the seaside kind of thing. I want to go and explore both mountains and calm beaches, and historical seasides, so the best option would be if we rent a car, split costs and just go along and visit places. Like I said, I am open to suggestions and if someone has done something similar, or knows good places in the area, place feel free to share and give advice. I am 19 (20 in july) so im looking for people between 18-23 to get to know and have fun. Anyone feel free to massage me, even if you dont have the opportunity to travel right now, but are considering it at some point, or just want to have a chat grin