Nyiragongo volcano trek

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Nyiragongo volcano trek

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Recently watched Expedition Volcano on BBC 2. Mount Nyiragongo looks incredible, would be an awesome place to go.

Did some research on a whim and found many others have done it.
You can buy permits from Virunga National Park that includes a summit shelter for about $400 with meals/porters/gear at extra cost.

Wouldn’t need to be a long trip, a few days, could be combined with other treks in the area such as the Mountain Gorilla Trek which also would help you to acclimatise to the altitude.

It is described as a ‘strenuous trek’ mainly due to the altitude and it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. But I think it’d be worth it when you reach the summit and stare at the world’s largest lava lake.

Anyone else interested? Am I crazy to even think about it?


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I love the idea of this trek! I don’t think your crazy and there are accounts online of people who have completed it and say it was one of there greatest experiences.