Thailand and Bali

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Thailand and Bali

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Hi I’m a 17 year old girl planning on a trip to Thailand and then Bali for a week in each country in June/July (before I head to Australia for a year to stay and work with fam), the only problem is my friends can’t afford it and I have a strict mum that won’t let me go alone LOL

I’m looking for someone who would accompany me in both Thailand and Bali for 2 weeks and is around the same age as me (I’ll be 18), as well as someone willing to have fun and really explore the island

I don’t mind on gender or how many people want to join, I’m just looking for someone that also wants to really adventure these countries

I’m a big fan of surfing and will be taking my surfboard, so if you can surf - that would be even better!!

Please drop me a message if you’re interested or reply to this thread, I promise I’m friendly

thankssss smile