17 year old girl wanting to travel dec18/jan19

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17 year old girl wanting to travel dec18/jan19

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hey , my names jess and i am looking for someone to travel with around this time next year
All my friends are plaining on going to uni as i am in year 13 but i am not sure thats what i want and am planing on taking a year out . i really don’t care who i travel with male or female
i would love to go to sough east asia however I’m not fussy just want good time , with partying and exploring
please feel free to message me or add me on snapchat jessicaammon22


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I am in exactly the same position as you, I want to travel before I start a career or maybe going to uni after I finish year 13.

But I have no one to go with as all of my friends are going of to uni straight and I am the only one who wants travel

I don’t care where just want to travel.

If anyone is serious message me on Snapchat therring1999


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Hey all,

I am 31 years old from Dubai.

I am looking for ppl to share with me my trips and seeking longterm friendship.

I am done with the corporate life and looking forward to a couple of trips in 2018 and 2019.

Destinations are not really important as long as I didnt visit before.

If interested we can create a whatsapp group and start something great here.

Let me know what you think.