Late 2018/2019 Interrailing :)

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Late 2018/2019 Interrailing :) 

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Hi Guys,
I’m 18 now but will be 19 at time of gap year-
I’m hoping to interrail for roughly 4\5 months with a very loose plan and see what happens, and then travel outside of Europe working my way down to New Zealand smile
If anyone is interested give me a message on instagram- rosie.head
or snapchat- rosiehead3
very open to suggestions!

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Hi, I’m about to turn 18 and am hoping to take a gap year from 2018 to 2019 before uni. I’m interested in going to Spain from August to October and then Canada from November to April, and possibly the US and somewhere in South America after that. Would this fit with any of your plans?