Gap Year Before Uni - 2018/2019

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Gap Year Before Uni - 2018/2019

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Hi, I’m Rebecca.
I’m hoping to go on a gap year before uni from summer, 2018 to summer, 2019 in which I will be spending most of the skiing season in Canada working in a resort after having worked in Spain teaching English with TEFL from August to October.
I will be 18/19 while on this trip and I would love to go with someone either the same age or up to a few years older so that I already have a contact when I am on my way there / when I get there since I have never traveled alone before and would like to meet someone just as enthusiastic about travelling as me. After this I may go on to the US for a few months and also have my sights set on an organised trip to Bolivia (with Operation Groundswell), but none of this is certain yet. I will be happy to have someone join me at any point.
My friends all want to go straight to uni so so far I don’t have anyone to travel with but want to meet new people.
I’m from Manchester, England and love almost all outdoor activities and I’m willing to be flexible with travel dates, etc.
Thank you!