Travel South-East Asia March- end of June 2018

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Travel South-East Asia March- end of June 2018

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Hey everyone!
I’m leaving soon for a backpacking trip in South-East Asia, and I’m looking for travel buddies to come with me during that amazing trip, cause as they say in Into The Wild, “happiness is only real when shared”  wink
I have kind of a plan in head right now but it is not definitive and I know it may change during the trip. I’m landing in Bangkok on the 24th of february, will stay there for a few days, and will then head to Myanmar (approx. 2 weeks), then will go to either the south of China or the North of Lao before heading to Vietnam (2/3 weeks), then Cambodia (1 or 2 weeks), then Malaisia and Singapore (2 weeks), and then spend the rest of the trip in Indonesia. My plane back home is on the 23th of June in Jakarta.

A few words about me now, I’m Loren, I’m 21, I’m from France and I’m taking a gap-year, after graduating from my bachelor in economics last year. I spent the first semester in Copenhagen, but now it is time for me to leave this beautiful city and go to Asia.

I’m really easy-going and open-minded, I think I would be a pretty good travel buddy hehe smile Anyways, if anyone is interested, just send me a message! grin



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Hi Loren! Where will you be the first/second week of march? I was looking to travel somewhere during that time. I too am 21 and am looking for a travel buddy (: