around the world late2018-early2019

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around the world late2018-early2019


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hi! i’m 18 and i’m from the states. i want to take a gap year before college and want to find another girl (or two) my age to go with.

i’d love to spend maybe half the time in europe and the other half in southeast asia or maybe south america—i’m really open for anything.

i’m very artistic and want to make videos of the trip sort of like indy blue’s or jay alvarrez’s. i’d love to go with someone who has creative interests as well!

if you are interested add me on snapchat elajella148 (it’s from 6th grade lol)


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I have been thinking about something similar, however haven’t been able to find anyone to go with.
At the moment, I do have a few ideas of what I would like to do, but I am open to pretty much anything.

If you want to know more, let me know

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Hi! I’m just about to turn 18 (and female) and looking to do something similar before uni except I’m planning on going to Spain and then Canada, but we could plan for our paths to cross. I would also say I’m a creative person as I draw and paint and the videoing idea sounds interesting although I’ve never done anything like it. Are you talking a vlog type thing?
(Also, my friend is thinking of coming with me on this trip so there may be 2 of us joining you!)


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Hi, my name is Josh and as you can tell I’m not a girl but I’m trying to set up a group of 4 people to go around the world with. Currently we have a google hangouts group with 2 girls and 3 guys (including myself) at the moment.

Unfortunately the two girls can only spend a couple months going around europe with us so we need one more person to come for the entire trip (8+ months) If you’re insistent on travelling with other girls we could set up a 5 person group. It could be a little troublesome having 7 people temporarily but we could make it work. Otherwise you would be the only girl after the first months.

The other issue is that i would prefer starting around July-August 2018 so that may be too early for you..

Let me know if you would like to join us, either here or by private messaging. Thanks smile