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Interrail itinerary


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Hey, my friend and I are planning on going interrailing next summer for a month. Our rough itinerary is

Day 1: Dublin - Bruges: 9hr travel
Day 2: Bruges
Day 3: Bruges - Amsterdam: 3hr travel
Day 4: Amsterdam
Day 5: Amsterdam - Berlin: 6.5hr travel
Day 6: Berlin
Day 7: Berlin - Prague: 5hr travel
Day 8: Prague
Day 9: Prague - Vienna: 4hr travel
Day 10: Vienna
Day 11: Vienna - Budapest: 2hr travel
Day 12: Budapest
Day 13: Budapest - Zagreb: 6hr travel
Day 14: Zagreb
Day 15: Zagreb - Bled: 3hr travel
Day 16: Bled
Day 17: Bled - Venice: 4hr travel
Day 18: Venice
Day 19: Venice - Nice: 7hr travel
Day 20: Nice
Day 21: Nice - Barcelona: 8hr travel
Day 22: Barcelona
Day 23: Barcelona - Paris: 6.5hr travel
Day 24: Paris
Day 25: Paris - Dublin: 9hr travel

This leaves us another five or six days, but I was wondering if this itinerary is too rushed. If anyone had suggestions as to how to change it, where to spend our extra days or things to see in each city I’d be really grateful. Also, we’ve budgeted about €2000 per person for the trip. Does that seem doable?  Thanks!