One more for Europe, Asia, possibly South America

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One more for Europe, Asia, possibly South America


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Hi all, My name is Josh and I’m a 20 year old Canadian.

I have a Google hangouts group with 5 people currently, though unfortunately, 2 of them can only join us for a couple months. I would like to have a group of 4 people for the entire 8 month + journey so we only need one more.

Our current plan is to either Bus, Train, or take a group member’s car around Europe, then take a train to Asia, and make our way around asia. Depending on money leftover, hop on a plane to South america.

Some of the places we all seem to be interested in are; Scandinavian countries, Greece, Netherlands, Estonia, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, Ecuador, Chile, and others. 

I would be willing to set up a group of 5 though it could be hectic with 7 people for a while.

If you are interested in joining us please put your gmail in the thread or private message me and i can add you to the group.
Thanks all smile