Considering AustraliAsia

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Considering AustraliAsia

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Hello Im Dean,

Right where do i begin! Im 24 at that stage in my life, where i’ve started seeing close friends settle down, some having kids, some getting married and i can’t be dealing with that as of yet!.

I currently want to broaden my horizons by traveling and visiting as many countries as i possibly can! i do want to start traveling within a month or so. i do want to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and all the other island countries that are in close proximity and maybe finishing off in Australia somewhere, who really knows where they want to end up in life though but for now, i have a lust for seeing a new way of experiencing new cultures and all that other stuff.

I am sadly new to all this Traveling planning malarky but i’ve developed that can do motivation that you hear and see that everyone seems to have so, why can’t i?

I am open to suggestions and places to visit amongst my or our travel along the way.

Dean :D