Am I too old to follow my actual dreams?

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Am I too old to follow my actual dreams?


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So, my story is a little bit different here, forgive my horrible grammar, I’m not a native speaker.

Most of the people here I believe are the 18-year-olds that just finished high school and are thinking of a gap year. I was interested in the idea of a gap year since I was like 16 but did never pursue it. I’m 20 years old now and still have no idea what I want to do or be in life.

Little of my backstory Basically I went to a high school with a strong focus on science subjects like biology and physics so I felt pressured to major in these and naturally I applied to those studies. As I said I had no gap year and began immediately after my graduation. I did one for one year and failed. By the way, I was a straight-A-student throughout the most of my high school days, including graduation. The following summer I applied to a different study, still in a science field. However, it was not any better. I choose work over studying for now, but I want to do something more, I feel very unfulfilled.

I want to learn more but not in a sense of doing university. Whenever I look at what universities offer it makes me cry. I’ll be like at least 25 years old before I finish my studies and whatever I’ll end up doing after I finish a university is nothing that I would have ever dreamed of doing it anyway. I want to pursue a career in things that interest me and make me happy yet I’m afraid I have no talent, knowledge and that it’s too late. Things that do interest me are too unrealistic and I have no knowledge of. And yes I said to myself many times it’s not as bad as it seems but it made me so depressed I stopped seeing my friends and going out.

Also, I wouldn’t mind to take a year or two off and work and travel but how can I do that with no special skills? How much would I need to save in the beginning?

Does anyone else have a similar experience or am I the only loser here? I would appreciate the honest answers, thank you.


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I’m nearly 20 and have been thinking about travelling for a few years, but only finished college last June (I’ve never really thought that going to Uni was something I wanted to do, so I didn’t bother looking at it or even consider it as an option) and didn’t have a passport to go then, so I got a job and lost the job less than a month after I started and haven’t been able to find another one, so I’ve thought about working while travelling to help cover the costs, but haven’t wanted to go on my own and don’t really know any one to travel with and don’t know where to start looking to find a job while travelling, but there isn’t a lot of jobs I would be able to do at the moment with other problems I have.

Different countries have different amounts of money that they want people to have while they are looking for work so that they are able o support their self.but there are some companies that will help with everything.

Some jobs that people go for while travelling don’t really require much of a skill (so I’ve thought about something like that, which might be the simplest way to find a job while travelling), but some companies might just want people for the season with no experience or some places might want experience, but places will probably train someone to do the job