Travellers Worldwide - any problems?

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Travellers Worldwide - any problems?


Anyone used Travellers Worldwide before? Any problems with them?


Hi Shana. I will be totally honest and say that I work for Travellers Worldwide. So you would expect me to say how great they are! However I was a volunteer just like anybody else at first. In fact I volunteered with them 4 years in a row and it was brilliant! The experiences were so positive that I became determined to work for the company - and now I do.

I would suggest you contact the office and have a chat with them. Our staff are all ex-volunteers and have travelled lots and they are very friendly. One thing I would say is that we really look after our volunteers. We have our own staff in every country and we look after you from when you arrive on your placement(we meet you at the airport) until you leave. We like you to have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that will benefit the community as well as give you a great trip.

Please get in touch and Go for it!!



Thanks for the reply, I’ve been through the website and I’ve got a brochure. Going to think about it and will see what happens…



I’m also thinking of going with Travellers Worldwide (possible to Sri Lanka) and would appreciate any feedback anyone has about them. Thanks smile

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I have just returned from two months in South Africa coaching sport with Travellers and all i’m saying to myslef is why did i come back?!!! I had the best 2 months of my life it was absolutely fantastic!!

I think it was mainly due to the fact that i met some wicked people and the country is stunning, but Travellers were also really great. If i had any questions beforehand they would be very quick to reply and very helpful. Apparently most places have a member of Travellers close by but as we went to a remote area in SA we didnt have anyone from Travellers there, but this wasn’t a problem as the staff at the school were amazing and everyone was willing to help us and someone from Travellers would ring us weekly to check we were all ok.

The only problem we had was that our food allowance wasn’t their at the start of the month, but i reckon this was because we were so isolated, but it was no problem as Travellers sorted it quickly. Oh yeah that is one point you should know, they say food is included but you actually just get a food allowance and have to cook yourselves. It’s not a problem just something you sohuld know if you’re like me and can’t cook!!

I would thoroughly recommend their sports coaching project in Limpopo South Africa, it is such a different place and it’s totally awesome!!

Anymore questions you have please feel free to ask.

I’ve got one - when can i go back!!!!!

X Gem


obviously, I can only speak for myself, but I would say DON’T. DON’T DON’T.

I went to madurai, india, to do medical work experience with Travellers.  I felt that I gained almost nothing.  Despite every effort on the part of me and another girl on the same placement, we were constantly just abandoned in hospital corridors with nothing to do or see.  I would rather have been scrbbing puss off the floor, and at least be doing something, than just standing there.  Travellers refused to acknowledge that there were any communication problems with the hospital, depsite the fact that it was highly obvious that none of the doctors or nurses had any clue what we were supposed to be doing there.  All attempts to get this placement to work failed miserably - and the two people who had got there before me - both originally destined to work in this hospital - had managed to wrangle their way into other community medical placement, unlicenced by Travellers.  I too managed to do this, and after this, my placement greatly improved - no thanks to Travellers.

The Liasons officer had definite favourites, and pretty much bitched about anyone who had a problem with their placement.  Because I was the youngest (17 at the time) I got quite a hard time off her - I won’t go into the kind of things she said to me, becuase its not something I want to discuss on a public message board.

Having said all that, a couple of other volunteers there had been to South Africa with Travellers the previous year, and had really enjoyed it, though they agreed that the India placements weren’t up to scratch.  One girl was particularly shocked that the liasons officer didn’t even take her into her placement - just dropped her at the door of the orphanage that she was supposed to be working at.  It turned out that the owner of the orphange did not even really know who Travellers were, and received no (or perhaps extremeley little) funding from Travelles, and the orphange was lacking in even basic supplies - such as re-usable nappies.  We didn’t feel that the huge amount of money we had paid was helping the community in any way.

I absolutley enjoyed south india, and the placement that I fixed myself up with was fantastic, but Travellers were pretty appalling, and I felt i could have had a better time if I had gone independently.  As I said, those who had been in S.A said it was great, so maybe it just depends on where you go. But don’t go to South India with them.  Really.  For your own sake.


I did the Lion Breeding project in Port Elizabeth through travellers. I didn’t have any problems with them at all. I live in Australia so they made all the phone calls to me which was great. The only thing i’ll keep in mind next time I do a volunteer project is to try cut out the middle man (i.e. the volunteer company (travellers worldwide)). A few people who I volunteered with contacted the owners of the park directly and therefore saved quite a bit of money.

Best of luck.


I’m getting really stressed.  I’m trying to arrange a couple of placements with Travellers (the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka and a medical one in India).  I’ve read some really brilliant reviews about them and some really crap ones and don’t know what to do.

It’s taken them 2 and a half weeks to actually get back to me and the bloke who phoned said he’d get someone else to phone about India and to take my deposit.  Its coming up to three weeks now and I’m still none the wiser.

This is my first time travelling, I’m supposed to be going in September and I just want to know that everything is sorted so I can stop worrying and start enjoying the build up to it. 

Am I being too impatient or should i give up on them and find someone else to go with?

Sorry I’ve gone on so long!

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I volunteered with them last year, I was in China teaching English, it was the best thing I have ever done!
Our assistant Jessie was great, she would always help us out and we would always be ringing her at silly o’clock so she could translate to the taxi driver!
The only problem we had was whilst we were out there Jessie went to Singapore for a week, altho she has ever right to go on holiday as she was not actually employed by Travellers she was just helping them out as they hadn’t found a permanent ‘Assistant’ for there projects out there. Other than that it was great! the best thing I ever did!

But on the other hand there were some other Volunteers out there with us who had combined there projects and 1 of them had been to Sri Lanka, they said it was nothing like what was advertised and was a waste of money!



Hi guys!

I plan to go to China with Travellers next Feb.

Other than Jordancn, does anyone have any experience with their China branch?



Hi Guys,
Has anyone used Globalteer before? I am looking into their volunteer placements in Cambodia for 4 weeks, they sound to be quite ‘together’ but wanted to see others opinons. From the sounds of things some of these companies are better in some countries than others….



Does anyone know if or how much of what you pay to Travellers goes towards the actual organization? I am considering the Orangutan placement, but for such a large amount of money, I am hoping the center gets it’s fair portion.


Hi Ashley,

My friend and I are going to Cambodia with Globalteer in November to do a 3 week placement. Reading reviews it sounds like a really good organisation and we’ve had plenty of help with any queries from the founder - Jim Elliot.

Can’t wait! I’ve been to Cambodia before and it’s an amazing country!

Katie :D


It’s so stressful isn’t it?! I feel for you.

My advice - go direct. I know the guys at the elephant orphanage and they are great. Get in touch directly (perhaps even through the IUCN) and they will no doubt be happy to help. This way every penny goes to the right place and you get a much better experience.

At the end of the day, if there’s a middleman then you’re always going to have some ‘admin’ charge and risk losing the true contact with the communtiy.

Good luck, and always go with your gut feeling as it will help you resolve anything.


How can I hav a free gap year trip ??? rolleyes


How can I hav a free gap year trip ??? rolleyes

you might be able to find links with ur local community to foreign communities. My school was offering us the chance to go out to our partner school in sri lanka for 12 months to help out. All expenses (except flights) paid for for the whole 12 months…. maybe see if there are local/family links who can help you out…if not theres gonna be some cost somewhere down the line…