Prague & AK47s...

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Prague & AK47s…


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ok this sounds quite weird but I’m taking my boyfriend off to Prague later this year, hopefully, and he really wants to shoot an AK47 because he’s quite a strange person… Does anyone know the best place to do this, and if it’s better to book in advance or just with a local agency when you get there.


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A dirty weekend away to Prague shoot an AK47 - who said romance was dead LOL

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To be honest, I think your bf has some issues that a weekend in Prague is not going to solve.

That really is not a healthy ambition.  8O

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The place to shoot AK47 is Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. 60 KM from the city is the famous tunnel, ?Cu Chi or something like that - I am forgetting the name of the place but it is on every tourist’s agenda - where Viet Cong lived during guerilla war against Americans. There is a AK47 shooting range. You shoot as much as you like.. LOL

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Yeah, I know it seems like a weird idea, especially seeing as he’s a pacifist and paid up member of Amnesty International…. 8O It’s just the child in him that wants to play with a gun without hurting anyone. And yes, a dirty weekend in Prague will be fun :wink: it’s for his birthday. Any more ideas on where to go? I know there’s an underground bunker in Latvia where you can shoot AK47s and to be honest rather than getting upset at us for just wanting to shoot one, you should get upset at the people in Cambodia who charge foreigners to shoot AK47s at cows…..

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Yeah, I went to Cu Chi for the famous tunnels, brilliant experience and so cheap! Although I lived out my dream of using an M16 machine gun for a nano second (you’d be surprised how long ten bullets last) the choice of weapon was a little restricted. The best place I hear is in Cambodia’s Penm Penh, there’s loads of video footage on