Oz Intro - Early 2009

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Oz Intro - Early 2009


Anybody thinking of going with oz intro in jan/feb 2009?  Im going it alone, so hola back if your heading out at the same time.

I’m booking well in advance.  Enough time to save the required cash.  Not looking to work the whole time there.


I’m wanting to go to Oz anytime next year really, just as long as I have enough time to save.

I was thinking about going March/April time, but definately want to go.  Trouble is, all my mates are tied down, that’s why I’ve found this place.

Message me back if its any good mate.


Same here! its difficult trying to get mates to commit to somethin thats expensive and so far away.  I dont really mind going on my own though.

Yeh I’ll let you know if its any good.


How long were you planning on going for?  I’m undecided but at least 6months for sure.  Hopefully should have £5-6000 to take too by that time


Im staying for the full 12 months.  just gonna get a job when I run out of cash. Which will probably be after about 2 days.  I’ve never been good with money.  rolleyes  Stopping off in Thailand for a Month or so on the way back too.

Are you gonna book with oz intro?


Yeah probably, I like the idea that most of the hard work is done for you lol.  So if you were going for 12 months how much do you think you would need?  I mean before having to get a job.  I was thinking but getting a job when the cash ran out too.

Thailand would be pretty cool, I was looking at going there last year but it never came off.


I’m gonna try to save enough so that I have £4-5000 to go with.  Will see how long that lasts, then get a job. With the money I save from working in oz, I’m gonna use as spending money in Thailand, which I hear is pretty damn cheap.


Sounds good, I’m doing loads of overtime at the minute to save up, plus I’m selling my motorbike in the summer, gutted, but will be worth it in the end!


hey you two, im looking at heading off in jan 09, but ive started to think about christmas over there…would be pretty cool havin a barbie on the beach! either of you thought about crimbo over there??

Im guna do oz intro. guna be working to save up when i leave college, and just applied for a bar job on nights so guna be worn out!  Am learnin to surf before i go aswell…check out ma blog http://rudisurfs.blogspot.com/ wana show off when i get out there plus itll keep me fit!!

What money makin plans have you all got?? need some other ideas apart from workin nights and days…




I thought about New Years but didn’t really think about Christmas 08, just need to make sure I have enough money before I go..!  Hopefully I’d see xmas 09 in Oz if I went for 12 months.

I’m not too bad got a decent paid, full-time job so stuck on any other ideas for earning more cash, I’m just doing loads of overtime!

Surfing sounds pretty cool, was going to give it a go in california last year but was always doing something else, might give it a try in Oz though!


yeah its awesome…u should deffo do it, at least once! You never know you could get hooked!

I didnt think about it that way spendin xmas 09 in oz…but that would mean for me spendin xmas and my 21st out there at the same time. Think id like to go home. But we could still meet up for drinks n a lazy day at the beach sometime :D

x x x


Hey Rudstar,  Your right, it would be quality being out there for xmas and new year.  I’ve been thinking about going over slightly earlier than first planned.  And it means I can leave my job before it gets really busy in December. Bonus!  I’m pretty much in the same boat as Ian.  got a decent full time wage, so I’m just saving a large chunk of that each month.

I’m not sure surfings for me though. Think I’m gonna be more of a watcher than a doer. I’ll give it go mind, but dont think I’ll have the patience for it.  I’ll probably just take the odd jog around the block to keep the belly at bay!


Same here Ian, Ive got an old style mini-cooper which I haveto sell in the summer. Will be so sad to see it go! but suppose these sacrifices havto be made…


I just bought a convertable which I’ll have to sell if push comes to shove so thats another £2500, but yeah would be well worth it!

Yeah could definately meet up and have some drinks + soak up the sunshine Rudstar, you’re only there a month or so before I will be anyway!

Well excited about the idea of Oz now, can’t wait, but I’m going to be living like a recluse for a year saving.. Ah well


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Alright guys,

I,m planning on going to oz next jan/feb time as well, gonna be booking up with ozintro a think,.was meant to be going in june this year but gonna put it off til early next year to get some more cash saved!

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hello all im looking at going in jan so hopefully get on the first ozintro of 2009.just trying to get as much saved over the next 12 months also got a holiday in ibiza in the summer so need to get saving. when will they show the dates for ozintro 2009 wanna book early so i have something to look forward 2.