CampAmerica Vs. CCUSA Vs. Campleaders Vs. Bunac

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CampAmerica Vs. CCUSA Vs. Campleaders Vs. Bunac



I’ve had a big browse through all the topics and such relating to all the different camp programs available, but unfortunately a lot of the information, particularly relating to costs and wages are a bit outdated now! I also notice that particularly Campleaders and the Bunac programme didn’t have much coverage on these forums when discussing Summer Camps.

I’m not particularly overly fussed about HOW much the wages are, as money is probably the last reason why I’m wanting to do this! But I’m still interested in which one of these works out best in terms of costs/experiences etc. and all that good stuff.

I was just wondering if anybody has any experience/views on which one is the best experience and all that good stuff.

Also, I was wondering, and I realise that it is impossible to specify really as every camp and service will be different, but I was wondering how common it is to be assigned to Music-related positions? I’m a Pianist/Drummer/Guitarist and would be most interested/suited in doing something in this field, but was wondering how likely it is? IF not, I’m equally happy to do something else! I’m just curious.

Thanks for your help.


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hey im wondering the same thing!! apart from the music related stuff! lol im looking for people who have done these camps to give some opinions on which is best, particularly im interested in whether you can talk to people who are doing the same camp as you like on a forum thing b4 u go as i really want to go travelling afterwards and would like to discuss other peoples plans b4 camp!! Thanks in advance any who posts opinions :D xx

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I went with CCUSA and had loads of contact with the peeps on my flight before I went, so we all met up at the airport and it was all groovy. They put up a list of people who are going to your camp and their email addresses as soon as theyr signed up. If you go with CCUSA you can go to a placement fair and meet the camp directors yourself (they might be over now for this year). There are lots of Camps where all they do is performing arts and music. Even camps not centred around music might do little music workshops. I taught swimming, dancing and volleyball at my camp. I think you get a little more money with CCUSA if your going for the first time, but BUNAC is better for returning years after that. Its still peanuts though! Oh yeah and its bloody hard work! Well my camp was anyways, but still good fun.



I havent had much experience of the others but I can say not to use campleaders. I used them last year and mistakenly again this year. It was nothing but a hassle. I have been constantly chasing them to get anything done. From talking to other counellors last year as well I did not recieve any positive feed back about camp leaders from anyone. I do beleive they pay slightly more but if you want something to be done or have an enjoyable time before camp I dont think it is particularly worth it!!


Hey, well i worked for CCUSA as a rep, and though they are good my experience as a counsillor for them wasnt great!  They are fab if you are lucky enough to be placed at a large camp near a fairly central city unlike me.  I was in a village in iowa and had an amaaaaazing time but when i got to new york to find out how i was arriving at camp they told me i had to leave at 4 am (it was 1am when i got there) i had very little help and support in getting to the airport (you will have to pay yourself to get there but keep the receipt and camp will remebuse you) i was sent on a wild cxhase across the USA to get to my camp and as an 18 year old on your own (there was only me from my camp on that flight) its really scary!  Do not get me wrong it was sooo worth it.  The following year i was returning to the same camp with ccusa again in oreder to receive the wage increase and insited on a more direct route, i was in touch with my camp leader and until the day i left the UK they did not know how or when i was arriving at camp- ccusa book the cheapest and last minute route.  I am sure all camps companies do this, but for the money you pay with CCUSA i would consider Bunac instead.  Mys sister went with these and they were fab, cheaoper, easier to deal with and sooo suportive.  Getting email addresses in advance is great but trust me you will meet lots of other people at camp, on the flight and will have a ball from start to end.  My travel was great on the plane right up til i left new york.  CCUSA arent a bad company by any means but if i had to choose based upon what i do know id say bunac every time. x


Oh and in relation to travel plans post camp:  Most camps employ from ccusa, bunac and camp america so you may not all be from thre same group.  Dont worry about making plans before you go, the best plans will be made as you bond with all the other people you also meet- there could be counsillors from other parts of the USA who offer you places to stay etc, we did a road trip one year and a 19 hour train journey the next- it becomes about trying to stay with your new best mates for as long as possible not about the places most of the time!!!  Dont stress just enjoy.  In relation to music camp- APPLY EARLY!!!! Drama and music jobs are the first to go so apply asap and get to any camp fairs, even contact camps yourself!  My sis did this and got a great job! Most camps have music and drama, even if you dont get placed within that area there might be room to include it.  Hope this helps!!!


I went with campleaders and had an absolutely fantastic experience. Couldnt recomend them highly enough. The office gets mental during april, may, june and you just need to do what they tell you with the paperwork. I would 100% go with them again, infact, my camp are only hiring from campleaders this year as they were so impressed. Also they are brilliant for sports related camps. They now also have a thing called sports leaders.

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CCUSA all the way!

I went to camp with Camp America in my first year, then the next 4 years (yup im an addict!) i went with CCUSA.  I also ended up working as an area rep for 3 years which is an awesome way of making some extra money whilst at uni!

From what I’ve seen of CCUSA in comparison to other programs is they offer a lot more pre placement support (get you in otuch with otherpeople from your area or your camp, hold your hand through the visa process - which is a bitch, have local interviews etc).  In my first year with CCUSA I misplaced my passport and when I rang them (a wee bit inebriated) at 3am to tell them, they were really helpful!

Plus they have a 100% placement rate.  If you are accepted to the program - you will go to camp!

Aw yay camp!


You will have a brilliant time no matter what company you go with!!!

Definately apply though, if you need independent advice about the companies visit -

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Hi my name is Mark and I work full time for Camp Leaders. I just found this post and I am very surprised! We spend a lot of time working with our participants and we have more staff in our UK office than any other company. If you would like to read some testimonials head to
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
All the best,