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A friend and I are going travelling at the end of May, we are heading to South America, North America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, HongKong, Bangkok and South Africa. We are looking into the best way of keeping intouch with people back home. Has anyone had any dealings with Skype??


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I used Skype extensively when I was travelling - not every hostel/internet cafe computer has it, but you can install a portable version on a USB stick and take your own headphone/microphone set and then use it from anywhere!


how expensive it skype?

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its free the other party your tryin to contact must have skype aswell


ok will look into it.


Hey we looked into SKYPE but the girl in the shop said the person had to be in the same country is tht right? as we were gonna get our parents etc to get one but didnt seem like it was gonna go to plan!

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You dont have to be in the same country. I use it from the US to keep in touch with my parents at home in the UK. I hate it, the connection is rubbish, the sound is dreadful, it drops calls all the time and if the other party you are calling does not have skype it is no cheaper than a phone card, and they are so much easier to use as there are pay phones everywhere.


thats true

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Skype seems like a really useful way to keep in touch, I really should look into how you use it.  Back in 2004-05 when I was travelling I used phone shops in Asia and phonecards in Australia and New Zealand.  Prices varied a lot in Asia from town to town but could be as cheap as about 5p per minute.  In Oz the phone cards are so cheap it cost less to phone home than if I was phoning from down the road, and the sound quality was normally excellent.  In NZ it was slightly more expensive and the cheaper phonecards often had really bad sound quality, but generally were cheap and good.  I onlyphoned people once every couple of months or so and relied on email for most of the time.  I know a lot of people use instant messaging a lot, and many internet cafes are setup for this, even with webcams and mics.