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My friend is about to fly of to australia for 5 months, and I want to get her a birthday/leaving present before she goes, but i dont want to get her something that will be just another annoying thing to pack,

anyone got any good travelling gift ideas (resonably cheap)


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One of those straw hats with the corks hanging down. Apparently all the cool kids in oz are wearing them these days

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What about buying her a subscription to Flickr or one of the other websites which you can upload your photos onto or something?  A way for her to keep in touch with everyone and she doesn’t need to pack it!  Think its only about £12 for a years subscription.

Alternatively not very exciting but how about some local currency?  My mates just got me some South Africa Rand as part of my bday present and it got me really excited as now feels like Im properly going - plus a bit of cash for when I land so bit less to worry about.


i’d go for currency too or maybe some passes for the greyhound? YHA membership? book her into a nice hotel for a couple days (i’d appreciate that if anybody is looking for me lol)

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Hostel discount card?

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If someone had paid for a nice hotel for me in Perth for the first two nights of being there I would have been so so so happy.

I felt so unclean after that flight for some reason.

Then again, if I’d been in a hotel I wouldn’t have met that Swedish chick…

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my friends bought me a lovely journal for me to write in while im away and stick things like plane tickets n that in. they had all written me little msgs in. didnt cost much but is personal and ill be taking it with me when i go next week.

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I got fuck all from anyone. Hey ho.

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to be honest i werent expectin it, but she couldnt make my leaving nite out so did that instead.

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Then again, if I’d been in a hotel I wouldn’t have met that Swedish chick…

Where is she now ??,,... rolleyes
Did you take her mobile number ???

As for the present…what about £25-£50 in an envelope ? In this case, your friend will pick and choose what she want.

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A photo or two or a small photo album. Most of us now have all our photos online but if you’re having a bad day, or in bed lonely, somewhere where there isn’t a computer its nice to be able to pull out some photos from home. They’re easy to pack too.

Feestar from here as just gone off volunteering for 6 months and was a bit nervous so me and Lossul gave her a small photo album full of photos of all the gaypear meets we’ve had together to cheer her up if she gets down.

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My sister-in-law gave my brother a novel going away present when he left for a 6 month trip to Oz.

The present turned 3 last week. She’s called Molly.

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When i left my work i got a few presents…Dollars for my first part of the leg, money is always a good idea.  Also a Scotland football top, so people would know where i was from.  Other things were an inflatable pillow, a book (peter kay)...this has turned into me more talking about what i got LOL .  But they were all very nice presents that i appreciated and i’m sure others would too. :wink:


I got bought a traveller charm about three years ago which was on a bracelet - They had one that went on a rucksack too which was cheaper.  I thought it was a lush idea coz then I could just wear it.  I think the company was called Scarlett, not sure if they still make them or how much they cost but I’ve been wearing it for years.  It’s got loads of travelly sort of engraving on it. 

I think the idea of a lucky charm for a rucksack is excellent though…might even get one for mine!

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A book that you’ve read but your friend hasn’t is always a good idea, or perhaps a something travel based; ‘Long Way Home’ is a good one. 

I like the little photo album idea too, it’s also good for showing to locals while travelling, they love to see your life back home.

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when my work friend went away we all chipped in and bought her a skydive for when she arrived there, obviously depends how much you want to spend but an experience like that is always good