Study Art History In Italy!

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Study Art History In Italy!


Hey everyone,
So I’ve been trying to plan an amazing gap year that will take advantage of what I want to do. I’m 90% sure I’ve found what I want. Art History Abroad offers six weeks in Italy studying the art around the major cities in Italy. This group offers experiences that aren’t offered through other groups. In the past they have offered private tours of the Sistine Chapel which now is only used for the papal elections. The prices are fairly reasonable-ish. This is what they pay for, “Accomodation in Italy, tuition in small groups of eight (230 hours onsite), all transport within Italy when connected with teaching, train travel between cities, all museum entrance fees, notes, reading lists, history of music CD, drawing tuition and basic Italian classes. Also included is the special visit to the Vatican Museum, a weekly evening entertainment ranging from opera to football matches and a sumptuous Italian dinner.”

All of their courses are taught by tudors who have either a masters or the highest degree in their field. They seem like great, fun loving people who really have experience in not only art history, but as touring people and taking them to the best possible spots.

I really am looking forward into further looking into this trip and possibly doing it, however, I really don’t want to go into it alone! Haha a little bit about myself. I’m a fun-loving, 17 year old girl from the US. In my free time I love singing with various groups around my house. I am planning on taking a gap year in between high school and college. I really want to make this gap year one to remember, something to tell our kids about! So message me if you’re at all interested. COMPANY = FRIENDSHIP. FRIENDSHIP = GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES = LOVE!

<3 Jess

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Sounds interesting, what’s the cost of it?


It doesn’t have the prices listed for that exact one yet, but the ones in the past have been around 6,550 pounds. It’s pretty pricy but it seems so worth it. is their website if you want more info.

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jeasus £6.550 il take u around the sights give you an indepth history and theorys on everying and ill teach italian and iam the best looking man in europe :D

  £6550 is robbery for a 6 week course :D


edit. i cant speak italian. lol


yea i agree tats pure robbery…...